Understanding AI: What It Is and Where to Find AI Assistance in the UK

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that leverages data and information collated over the years to create systems capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence and/or routine activities.

Here’s a simple explanation for beginners and first timers:

What is AI?

AI is about making computers and machines act smart. It’s like teaching a computer to think and learn so it can support humans to perform tasks.

Examples of AI in Everyday Life:

  1. Virtual Assistants: Devices like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant that can answer questions, play music, and control smart home devices.
  2. Recommendation Systems: Netflix suggesting movies you might like or Amazon recommending products based on your previous purchases.
  3. Smartphones: Features like facial recognition to unlock your phone or predictive text that guesses what you’re going to type next.
Introduction to AI. By Good Things Foundation.

How Does AI Work?

AI systems are built using algorithms, which are sets of rules or instructions a computer follows to solve problems. There are different techniques:

  1. Machine Learning (ML): This is a type of AI where computers learn from data. For example, a machine learning algorithm might analyze thousands of pictures of cats and dogs to learn how to tell them apart.
  2. Deep Learning: A more advanced type of machine learning that uses neural networks (inspired by the human brain) to analyze more complex data. This is used in applications like self-driving cars and advanced image recognition.

Why is AI Important?

Now, you know how Google Maps escorts you to everywhere you go and later asks you for a review?

Does your Google Maps make recommendations based on the type of places you visited in the past?

Simply, AI helps us solve complex problems, improve efficiency, and create new opportunities. It’s used in many fields like healthcare (for diagnosing diseases), finance (for detecting fraud), and entertainment (for creating realistic animations in movies).

Getting help with AI in the UK

For those in the UK looking to leverage AI for personal, voluntary or community benefit, there are numerous resources and support services available. Whether you’re seeking educational programmes, consulting services, or AI-driven solutions, the UK’s National Digital Inclusion Network offers a robust landscape of opportunities to help you understand, educate and harness the power of AI.

For Organisations

Join the National Digital Inclusion Network for free today!

For Individuals

Locate a nearby tech or digital inclusion hub for assistance with digital skills, literacy, and device support.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionise how we live and work. Think of AI as teaching computers to be smart and do things that normally require human intelligence. It’s about creating systems that can learn, adapt, and make decisions, helping us in various aspects of our daily lives.

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