Digital Transformation Specialist

A Visionary Technology Leader and Digital Transformation Specialist.

John Adewole is a passionate advocate for using technology to create positive social change. His digital transformation career has been a journey of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to leveraging technology for educational and societal benefits n the UK and the Commonwealth.

Here’s a glimpse into John’s professional background.

A Graduate of London South Bank University and the University of Portsmouth

John Adewole is a graduate of both London South Bank University and the University of Portsmouth, holding degrees in Business Information Systems and Business Information Technology. He also has a Master’s degree in Project Management and Leadership. In his Master’s research, John demonstrated the efficacy and vitality of the gaming paradigm for project management and as a social accommodator for the insecurely attached. He accomplished this through a scoping longitudinal and cross-sectional virtual ethnography, examining the extent of modality switching from the gaming paradigm.

CEO of IFB Gaming

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IFB Gaming, John Adewole leads an incredible team dedicated to using gaming as a tool for education and social inclusion. IFB Gaming harnesses and leverages the power of games to transform learning and bring communities together. IFB Gaming develops interactive educational games and run initiatives to ensure that everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background, has access to digital tools and resources.

Author and Innovator

John Adewole co-authored “Learning, Education and Games, Volume 3” with Dr. Karen Schrier, a pivotal work that explores the educational potential of games. This book reflects his deep interest in how games and gaming can enhance learning experiences and foster critical thinking skills. The book was written by 100 academics, researchers or professionals with over 150 Women in Gaming and Technology cited.

Social Project Manager

In John Adewole’s role as a social project manager, he collaborate with various stakeholders to implement projects aimed at improving digital literacy and connectivity. His projects often involve working with schools, community centers, and local organisations to provide technological resources and training. These efforts have had a tangible impact on communities, empowering individuals with the skills and tools they need to thrive in a digital world.

Head of Technology at Hubert Ogunde Memorial School

At Hubert Ogunde Memorial School, John Adewole serves as the Head of Technology. His mission here is to integrate modern technology into the school’s curriculum, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the future. By incorporating digital skills and knowledge into their education, John is helping to build a foundation for their success in an increasingly digital landscape.

Achievements and Recognition

Throughout John Adewole’s career, He’s been fortunate to receive recognition for my contributions to digital inclusivity and community development. Being shortlisted for several prestigious awards has been a testament to the hard work and dedication of the teams I’ve led and the impact of our collective efforts.


  • UNICEF Outright Award
  • Guiness World Record Certificate
  • Dawn Project Award
  • Southwark Business Excellence Award 2023

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, John Adewole remains deeply committed to promoting digital inclusion and sustainable technology use. His vision is to continue expanding IFB Gaming’s reach, developing more connections and educational resources, and advocating for equitable access to technology. John believes that through innovation, collaboration and standardised knowledge infrastructure and protocols, we can create a more connected and equitable UK and World.

If you share John Adewole’s passion for technology and social good, feel free to reach out to John Adewole LinkedIn or contact John Adewole directly.

John’s Projects in New Media

– Tackling digital inequalities in England with games-based science (citizen science)

– IFB Gaming has been shortlisted for a regional Business Excellence Award (2023)

– Tackling digital inequalities in Southwark with Get Online Week

– Test and Trace – Researching with the NHS and community groups

– IFB Gaming has been awarded a UNICEF OutRight Award 

– 100 Games to use in the classroom and beyond (co authored by John Adewole)

– Socio-economic benefits of video games, gaming and esports

– The benefits of partnership between the NHS and Community Organisations

– Ethnographic Insights into Gaming as a Tool for Project Management and Social Integration